A.O. to Star in New Commercial

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

As we all know, Eastern Motors makes commercials featuring the top athletes in the DC area. Considering the fact that DC is home to the best hockey player in the world, it only makes sense that Easterns would feature him at some point in one of those commercials.  Soon, we will all get to see Washington Capital's Alex Ovechkin singing "At Eastern Motors....Your job's your credit." So prepare yourselves for greatness because the commercial is in the works. 


Bill said...

Too bad Ovechkin isn't the best player in the world... that honor goes to Evgeni Malkin... look at the stats, he's a much more complete player... Ovie is a better goal scorer, thats all

Anonymous said...

Okay, Bill...keep dreaming. In the Pens' magical world of unicorns and elves, assists are worth just as much as goals, and Malkin is a more "complete" player than Ovi. Thanks for pointing out that Ovi is a "goal scorer, and that's all." For a minute there I thought Alex was one of the best hitters in the league in addition to his scoring, and could out-skate any forward in the league to defensively break-up a breakaway in Cap's end of the ice. Glad you corrected us all on this with your cogent observation of him just being a goal scorer.

Ovi is by wide margin, the best player in the league.

Anonymous said...

Def. by a wide margin indeed.
They all hate cause they dont have em.