Clinton Portis on Easterns New Commercial

Friday, August 29, 2008

Last night after the Redskins preseason game I got a chance to sit down with Clinton Portis to ask him his thoughts on filming the lastest Easterns car commercial.
Me: Could you please tell me a little bit about the commercial shoot?

Clinton: Ya man, I mean your brother (Chris) was pretty much an a**h*** the whole time.

What do you mean?

Well he was trying to make us do all these crazy things, getting me all dirty, goofing around, you know...just being Cooley.
Haha. Ya, I definitely do know. I heard about some of that and that you guys all had on short shorts before it was all over with.

Cooley was the only one with the shorts to begin with but the thing is, those shorts were too small and our thighs are too big. So instead of trying to sag 'em we just rolled them up to look like your brother.

What about Jason?

Jason is just goofy. I think he just hiked his up to try to fit in with the rest of us but he had fun with it.

In the pictures of you guys, it looked like you were spraying shaving cream all over each other. Who started that?

I was the one who grabbed it and then I ended up getting the most dirty. I don't know how cause I'm the oldest and all of them thought they had to get me.

You're the oldest?

I have the most years in the league. I guess they don't respect that. They just got me dirty and messed up my clothes.

Man that sucks. So I guess my last question is, did you have a good time with it all?

Ya, anytime you get to hang out with a bunch of guys doing that sort of stuff its fun. We all had a good time and the video should turn out man I'm excited for it. The last video we did was fun too so hopefully this one is even better.


Blogging for Easterns

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eastern Motors made famous by their funny commercials and clever jingles has recently decided to start a blog, this blog. I will be writing for them and trying to do my best at giving the world a look at how to run a successful company while also giving you some interesting stuff to watch and read. Please enjoy as I feel this will be an interesting and exciting ride. The car business is a new place for me and I am excited to be here. Read more...