Holiday Parties

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The holiday season, oh what a wonderful time of the year! Its always the time for family, friends, gift giving, but best of all, holiday parties. I have been to my fair share of them this year and most have been a few drinks, some finger food, maybe a little drunk karaoke and then call it a night. That's not how Eastern Motors does things. Their party, at Dave and Busters, was the epitome of all holiday parties. I'm talking buffet style food including free drinks, steak, chicken, shrimp kabobs, a fruit platter fit for a king, and all the games you can handle!

Boxing, hunting, and skee ball were definitely fun but the real battles came when we played basketball and racing. Between Eiman Bassam and myself we split in the two. I'll let you guess who won what. What an amazing night! Read more...

Randle El's Platinum Bentley Part 2

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So if you ever had a better chance of all four of Easterns players scoring this week is it. In honor of that potential here is what you could win. 


Sean Taylor Auction and Tribute Evening

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last night I attended the Sean Taylor tribute auction at The Original Steakhouse. The crazy thing about last night was that I had no idea of what to expect going in. My wife and I showed up and the first thing I saw were the three cars parked out front that were up for sale. It's crazy for me to think that at one point those cars were Sean's...

Once we were inside the place was filled with some familiar faces and some not so familiar faces. Its crazy to me how even in death someone can connect so many different people. From the fans to family and everyone in between. The cool thing about the group that gathered last night wasn't how we were connected but why we were there, to support Sean's daughter.

The setting couldn't have been better. If you haven't been to the Steakhouse, they have about twenty projector screens surrounding the entire bar area and they all played Eric Espada's photo montage of Sean for most of the night. Which if you haven't seen you need to check it out before you read any further. Also shown on the big screens that brought a tear to many an eye including mine was this

After some mingling Robert Bassam, founder of Eastern Motors opened up the auction to those in attendance. Among the items were those listed online and also a few available to those in attendance. The best one (also most expensive) was a framed autographed Sean Taylor jersey. If I had 25K extra that thing would definitely be on my wall right now but, it went to the owner of the establishment instead.
"It's not about the money, it's for the family," said Osama El-Atari, the owner of the restaurant, who bought the jersey. "It's for the family and the estate." 
Reading things like that reiterates why the evening was so successful. When all was said and done over 100 thousand dollars were raised, all of which will be going to the Sean Taylor Estate Trust fund.