Brett Favre Recommends the Smart Car

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If you live in a cave there is a small chance that you didn't hear the recent news that Brett Favre retired...again. If you didn't, he is "officially" retiring.

After I heard his name nearly 96,000 times in the one hour episode of Sports Center and reading some of the 46 articles written about him today I started wondering, what kind of car does Favre drive? After about 10 pages of google searches, the best I could come up with was a Chevy Silverado Truck. In that same google search I also found this. Can't you just see him and Jason Fabini cruising home after practice together? 

Now I know that wasn't much of a car commercial but it begs the question, "What would Brett Favre drive if he had done an Easterns commercial instead of a Smart Car commercial?" I decided to ask those close to home what they thought.

Eiman Bassam, Chris Cooley, and Lindsay Czarniak all stuck to the truck theme differing by very minor details. Dan Hellie and Jason Campbell on the other hand thought differently of Favre and went respectively with a Denali and Bentley. So far some pretty generic answers for one of the most prolific passers of all time. So thinking I could get something good, I asked Eastern's founder Robert Bassam what he thought. And although he stuck to the truck theme, least he went big saying Favre was an F650 guy. Which at this point gave me a good laugh because can you see a guy who does a smart car commercial hitting the streets in this?Thinking that if I pursued this further I would keep getting much of the same, "Favre is a bit of a a truck." But, I decided to continue the search for Favre's fantasy Eastern's car anyway. I asked Dan Steinberg to give me his take on the matter and unlike those before him, he wasn't too quick to answer. After some advice from his intern and much deliberation he finally said, "A 1993 REDSKINS CHEVY BUBBLE CAPRICE. I wrote about it yesterday. That's what he would drive for sure." I laughed and continued the search. I figured Matt Terl might have something good and even though he went with the country boy truck thing, he said  "A tractor, but with custom rims." A pretty classic answer considering I can definitely see Brett cruising the streets of Ashburn in a Tractor with some 60 inch spinners. 

So now after asking seven people I began writing. I felt like their bright minds had come up with was pretty damn good. I could picture the commercial now. Favre singing the Eastern's tune and each line would cut to a him in a different vehicle beginning with the Smart Car and getting bigger and bigger until finally, he's atop the tractor screaming "YOUR JOB'S YOUR CREDIT!" And then much to my surprise I got a call back from the man himself, Clinton Portis. Since pretty much everything Clinton says is gold, I couldn't wait to hear what he had to say. "I think a Volkswagen Beetle, surf board on top. Just like coach Zorn." And at that instant, my search had ended. If Favre had played for the Skins and done his Eastern's commercial, this is exactly where he would be...him and Zorn both. Drinking milk and driving VW's. Thanks Clinton. 


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