Holiday Parties

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The holiday season, oh what a wonderful time of the year! Its always the time for family, friends, gift giving, but best of all, holiday parties. I have been to my fair share of them this year and most have been a few drinks, some finger food, maybe a little drunk karaoke and then call it a night. That's not how Eastern Motors does things. Their party, at Dave and Busters, was the epitome of all holiday parties. I'm talking buffet style food including free drinks, steak, chicken, shrimp kabobs, a fruit platter fit for a king, and all the games you can handle!

Boxing, hunting, and skee ball were definitely fun but the real battles came when we played basketball and racing. Between Eiman Bassam and myself we split in the two. I'll let you guess who won what. What an amazing night!


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