Blogging for Easterns

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eastern Motors made famous by their funny commercials and clever jingles has recently decided to start a blog, this blog. I will be writing for them and trying to do my best at giving the world a look at how to run a successful company while also giving you some interesting stuff to watch and read. Please enjoy as I feel this will be an interesting and exciting ride. The car business is a new place for me and I am excited to be here.


The Mayor of FedEx Field said...


Are you actually selling cars?

Tanner Cooley said...

No, I am just running the blog for them.

The Mayor of FedEx Field said...

Do they at least give you a car?

I would be interested in giving Cooley a truck to drive around in in trade for advertising for us.

Is his contract with Easterns exclusive? Is there verbage that prohibits this from other dealers?

Anonymous said...

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